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    TreeWorld Wholesale

    Looking for trees, shrubs, and palms for South Florida and the Caribbean?

    Welcome to Your South Florida and Caribbean Tree, Shrub, and Palm Headquarters

    Treeworld Wholesale offers over 250+ species ready for your landscape project today. Many of these are native to South Florida and the Caribbean.

    We have hundreds of species of trees in our South Florida tree farm. Several of these are suitable for the Caribbean as well. Continued research efforts show us what species of trees, and in what size, will be needed in the future. We then plant more of those trees so they will be available to you when you need them.


    Sustainable seeds

    Growing out seed sustainably collected from the wild means you can find almost any species of South Florida native tree you need at our nursery. We also grow non-native species that are in great demand. Our trees are grown for home landscapes, parks, commercial buildings, or any where else that needs a tree to complete it.

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    We're glad to help

    We provide an exhaustive list of the trees we carry for you to examine. You can then fill out a request for a quote and one of our sales team will contact you to discuss your needs.

    You can probably find it here. Sustainably sourced seeds are grown out to produce shrubs for any landscape. Check our description of available shrubs waiting to be planted in there.

    With hundreds of healthy palms available at our farm, you can find just what you need for that special landscape project. Find palms that thrive in protected, shady locations and ones that want to be out front and center. Find the palm you need on our extensive palm list.

    Finally, not sure what to put in that spot? Contact our helpful sales people and they can help you out.

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    Looking for trees, shrubs, and palms for South Florida and the Caribbean?

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