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Rainbow shower tree - Cassia x Nealiae - 200 galRainbow shower tree - Cassia x Nealiae - 200 gal

Cassia X Nealiae

Rainbow Shower


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Rainbow shower tree description

The Cassia x Nealiae (Rainbow Shower, or Rainbow cassia) tree is an example of a natural hybrid between the golden shower tree (Cassia Fistula) and apple blossom cassia (Cassia Javanica). The Cassia Fistula has yellow flowers, while the Cassia Javanica has pinkish red flowers. The Rainbow Cassia hybrid occurred in a garden in Hawaii. In Hawaii, there are no native cassia species, although they are easy to spot in that region. This hybrid is so attractive that additional plants were produced by intentional cross-breeding. Because of its popularity in Honolulu, and being the most common tree, it is the official tree in the city.

Cassia Nealiae tree resembles the appearance, growth habit and landscape use of its parent species. If you take a look at images in the gallery, the flower shapes are very similar. Also, they all have a fast growth rate. Its abundant flowers produce variably colored blooms with shades of white, yellow, pink, orange, and red; and few if any pods, reducing the litter problem.

Cassia Nealiae tree cultivation

This hybrid specie, Rainbow Shower tree has proven to be so stunning and enigmatic, that it has coined two color variants: ‘Lunalillo Yellow’ and ‘Queen’s Hospital White’

Thanks to its gorgeous display of flowers, rainbow cassia tree is desirable as an ornamental tree. It is a good choice for gardens or parks as a showy accent or specimen tree.

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Additional information

Common Name

Rainbow Shower

Florida Native

No, Not FL Native


Hawaii, Hybrid, Hybrid Produced In Hawaii

Salt Tolerance

Moderate Salt Tolerance

Drought Tolerance

Moderate to High Drought Tolerance

Growth Rate

Moderate Growth Rate

Light Requirements

Full Sun

Flower Color

Multicolor, Varied


Wide Canopy

Plant Type

Deciduous Tree


25 gal., 45 gal., 45 gal 'Lunalillo Yellow', 45 Gal 'Queen's Hospital White', 65 gal., 100 gal., 200 gal., 200 Gal 'Lunalillo Yellow', 300 gal.