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Epcot bound! Definitely one of the best destinations in Florida, the emblematic Disney park. Working together with CEPRA LANDSCAPE striving, as usual, to provide superb results in their Landscape Design by delivering quality and the best tree selection for their facilities.  

Starting off with a hint of yellow thanks to the graceful large 200- gallon yellow poinciana, and also the 200-gallon Verawood tree (Bulnesia Arborea). Next to a couple of magical rainbow-colored 100-gallon Eucalyptus. 

Besides, it enjoys a fuller pink spectrum… kicking off the 200-gallon pale hue of the Tabebuia (Handroanthus) Heterophylla also known as the Pink Trumpet Tree. And moving accordingly to the vibrant watermelon pink of the 100-gallon Powder Puff (Calliandra Surinamensis)

Additional to a combination of both white and pink of the sculptural Shaving Brush (Pseudobombax Ellipticum) trees. Both in a 300-gallon reference couldn’t be missed.  

In addition to the already mentioned pink and yellow colors. The landscape architect raised the  temperature with the unique Flame Tree (Brachyton Acerfolius) in 100-gallons. And some of the most beautiful 200-gallon African Tulip, and lastly a few red orchids (Bauhinia Galpinii) in 15-gallon presentation. 

Equally important, a couple of tree to close the project and perhaps some of the most breathtaking trees a 300-gallon Ficus Aurea and a stunning 200-gallon Pachira Aquatica. Complementing the already astounding landscape design.

Finally, if you’re thinking in your upcoming landscape design project or need help choosing the right tree material! Contact us! We have over 300+ varieties in our tree farms.

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