The Eugenia Species

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The Eugenia Species include the White Stopper, Redberry Stopper, Spanish Stopper, and Red Stopper. Eugenia species are native to Florida, and they are small, erect, and attractive evergreen/shrub trees. These stoppers thrive under different ranges of soils, and their fruits are very enticing to birds, making these stoppers great to grow near a feeder or bird bath.

<h2>Myrcianthes fragans</h2>

Myrcianthes fragans is the best known of all stoppers known also as the Simpson Stopper. This stopper is the most cold tolerant tree out of all the stoppers. It has a gorgeous flaking bark, and fragrant white flowers as well as the ripe orange-red berries that follow. Simpson stoppers prefer neutral to slightly alkaline soil, but are very adaptable to any.

<h2>Eugenia Foetida</h2>

While the Eugenia Foetida (Spanish Stopper) or Spanish stopper is a Florida native small tree or shrub as well. And it is an understory plant in hammocks, typically reaching a height of 12 to 20 feet. This stopper has a lightly dense crown,