As we step forward towards an exciting 2022, we wanted to recap our top 5 best-sellers of 2021!  We can proudly say that at TreeWorld Wholesale we’ve delivered quite a few of them to enhance and complete the south Florida and Caribbean Landscape. Living up to our promise, of being the best tree nursery!

1. Pimenta Racemosa (Bayrum Tree)

Ranking or first position of best-sellers, one of our all-time favorites the Bayrum tree! With upright branches, a dense, columnar, or pyramidal crown and  an attractive smooth grayish to light brown aromatic bark, that peels off to reveal a pinkish underbark.

Pimenta Racemosa (Bayrum Tree)

Featuring, leaves dark green, leathery, and glossy leaves which contain an aromatic essential oil accompanied bye white flowers of multiple stamens that are also fragrant! In landscape design it is a great addition, as a backyard tree, street tree, and for open public spaces. For example, recently in south florida it is a top choice to create screens of natural privacy hedges, grown with multiple trunks and branching to the ground to achieve the most density.

2. Myrcianthes Fragans (Simpson Stopper)

Florida native, this specie, is considered a small tree or large shrub which can reach a height of 20 feet. With a round crown somewhat conical , it is popular for having multiple branches and a moderate dense crown. Furthermore, its distinctive scaly bark is mottled and show off a reddish color.

Myrcianthes Fragans (Simposon Stopper)

This species gets its name after the Florida botanist Simpson, who was the first to describe it. Leaves are dark green, leathery, opposite, simple, whole, elliptical, and 1 – 2 inches long; the upper surface is glossy, while the lower is dull and has a slight nutmeg aroma. Besides, it is great an ornamental tree or shrub, easy to prune, and a perfect asset for places that are difficult to access. Such as: parking lots, sidewalks and under power lines. Also, it makes a great specimen tree or as a nice dense hedge in full sun areas.

3. Calophyllum Brasiliensies (Brazil Beauty Leaf)

We have a soft spot for this specimen! Calophyllum Brasiliensis (Brazil Beautyleaf) has leathery dark green leaves are paler below along with attractive reddish-brown wood that resemble mahoganies. Flowers are borne in inflorescences 3 to 4 inches long; with numerous aromatic white. The Calophyllum adapts humid sites, as well as sandy, limestone soils. Making it a great choice for south Florida and obviously makes the best-sellers selection.

Calophyllum Brasiliensies (Brazil Beauty Leaf)

4. Ficus Benghalensis (Banyan Tree)

Massive in terms of height and spread, it is said to have the largest canopy of any tree in the world. Banyan grows to a height of 100 feet, the canopy spreads with massive limbs and prop roots up to 300 feet! Additionally, when Banyan aerial roots reach the ground, they form separate but connected trees. Once numerous new trunks are formed, the trees become a small forest. The crown of the tree is irregular with dense foliage. While the leaves are leathery, ovate, shiny green. Making a great specimen tree for parks and open spaces.

Ficus Benghalensis (Banyan Tree)

5. Norohnia Emarginata (Madagascar Olive)

Performing great in the South Florida landscaping! Noronhia emarginata (Madagascar Olive) is considered versatile and has plenty landscape applications as it is ideal for the seaside, making it a great windbreak or privacy hedge. It’s also a very popular specimen plant for gardens and parks thanks to its attractive foliage and form. Besides it suitable for roadways without sidewalks, parking lot islands, highway medians, and containers. And a one of our best-sellers if you are a cluster of trees, as it provides an attractive grouping!

Norohnia Emarginata (Madagasca Olive)


For further questions or request, contact us at TreeWorld! Your best tree source with over 300+ varieties.

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