Spring Top 5 Flowering Trees

flowering trees

Spring Flowering Trees in South Florida and the Caribbean!

When streets start blooming and turning its colors with vivid hues you know spring has arrived. And, even though many don’t call our winters real, as they are more a winter – spring combo. We do take spring seriously mostly for its true colors! So, at Florida when temperature rises, we definitely enjoy our time outdoors, specially in our gardens.

This why, at TreeWorld Wholesale, we’ve taken the time to write our top 5 best spring flowering trees in South Florida for the season:

Tabebuia (Handroanthus) Season

Our first runner up is not a specific specie, is the Handroanthus genus that belongs to the Bignoniaceae family and consist of 30 species of trees. Which area known not only for being vividly colored, but because you can choose from a large palette. As you can find from delicate whites, to vibrant yellows. All mesmerizing specially during this season. As this moderate size trees tend to stand out in striking contrast to the almost monochromatic green. Some of the varieties you can find in our nursery are: