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Spring Top 5 Flowering Trees

Spring Flowering Trees in South Florida and the Caribbean!

When streets start blooming and turning its colors with vivid hues you know spring has arrived. And, even though many don’t call our winters real, as they are more a winter – spring combo. We do take spring seriously mostly for its true colors! So, at Florida when temperature rises, we definitely enjoy our time outdoors, specially in our gardens.

This why, at TreeWorld Wholesale, we’ve taken the time to write our top 5 best spring flowering trees in South Florida for the season.

The best spring flowering trees

Tabebuia (Handroanthus) Season

Our first runner up is not a specific specie, is the Handroanthus genus that belongs to the Bignoniaceae family and consist of 30 species of trees. Which area known not only for being vividly colored, but because you can choose from a large palette. As you can find from delicate whites, to vibrant yellows. All mesmerizing specially during this season. As this moderate size trees tend to stand out in striking contrast to the almost monochromatic green. Some of the varieties you can find in our nursery are:

spring flowering trees tabebuiachrysantha

Bauhinia X Blakeana (Hong Kong Orchid)

This Indian native with a wide canopy is definitely vibrant and colorful! Actually, the Bauhinia X Blakeana is popular because of its striking flowers with are up to 15 cm wide purple to magenta with delicate veins of lighter shades setting up the perfect spectacle. Also, leaves are of the bauhinia genus – beautiful, simple, “butterfly-like”, and bilobate in shape. A great addition for lawns and patios and any South Florida garden!

bauhinia x blakeana (hong kong orchid)

Cassia Bakeriana (Pink Cassia)

Cassia Bakeriana is a spectacular tree that slowly becomes a cascade of pink-purple flowers with yellow stamens, that delicately wrap around along its feathery branches, creating 4-10” long drooping racemes! Native to Myanmar and Thailand, this semi-deciduous small bush or tree, tends to drop its leaves in late winter in order to push new growth in early spring.

100 gallons Cassia Bakeriana at TreeWorld Wholesale

Bombax Ceiba (Red Silk Cotton)

A stunner thanks to its showy 5-petaled red to orange-red flowers about 7, which mostly bloom in clusters although they can also bloom in a single manner. Moreover, Bombax Ceiba fruit is also up to 6 inches (15.24 cm) long, filled with a cottony fiber into which small brown seeds are embedded. Making this large, spiny, deciduous tree stand out in the crowd, as it ads texture to the landscape.

bombax ceiba (red silk cotton) flower

Spathodea campanulata (Red/Yellow African Tulip)

Either with its blooms red (Spathodea campanulata red) or yellow (Spathodea campanulata yellow) the African Tulip is quite captivating! With its large and open, round crown. This evergreen tree, has green, pinnate leaves, made up of 5-19 oval leaflets and overall, 1-2 feet long. Which partner with flowers that are borne at the branch tips with a crinkle texture. About 2-inch long and bell-shaped with fuzzy buds filled with water.

100GALSpathodea campanulata (yellow)AFRICAN TULIP YELLOW 100 GAL B

Bonus Spring Flowering Tree

Poitea Florida (Wattapama)

This attractive and festive tree definitely deserves a spot on the list! The Florida Poitea commonly known as Wattapama; is somewhat confusing as it’s not a native to Florida, although Wattampama does mean flowery. With a straight trunk that features a gray fissured bark, that leads up to an umbrella-shaped crown with distinctive long slender spreading branches this small tree shows off some of the most beautiful and delicate pea-shape blooms, that go from blue to purple.

Flower Poitea Florida (Wattapama)

Contact us at TreeWorld Wholesale to help you find the best spring flowering trees for your south Florida landscape or call us @ 305.245.6886

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