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The Importance of Native Trees

Myrcianthes Fragrans (Simpson Stopper) 300 gal

As much as we like our exotic trees, we must say that here at TreeWorld how important native species are still important to us. And even if many take them for granted, we think it should be a priority to acknowledge their importance and value to our environment.

First and foremost, we need to start by defining what native means, when we are talking about trees and shrubs in South Florida. A native tree is one that has not been introduced by man, at least not in the last millennium and occurs naturally. We can compare or resemble this concept to the roots or base of our (eco) system. Perhaps the most important thing to understand when you say something occurs in a natural manner is that it is in sync with the atmosphere; meaning its characteristics are a perfect match to the climatic conditions, necessary soil mycorrhiza, among other variables.

But there are many more reasons to consider planting a native tree in your backyard! And because it is all about the optics, we decided to explore three main ones. Starting off with how trees perform ecologically as on of the trees is to help people and animals. As trees absorb airborne pollutants such as carbon dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. They also reduce erosion by slowing rainfall and holding water within their systems, and release moisture into the air.

Native Trees and their role with Local Wildlife

Moreover, the most important aspect of native trees within their environment is that they help with local wildlife, as they provide the perfect food and shelter for them to thrive. Reason why when there is a lack of native trees, many populations of animals and insects become endangered and this is something we don’t want.

The Economic Aspect

Furthermore, there is the economic point, as trees provide shade which helps cool down the environment, saving energy. Specially during summer months of harsh sun. Also, they become a popular shield or as we best know it as windbreaks. As we follow up on this point, we must say that native trees perform great, as they have adapted naturally to the climate. For instance, Coccoloba Uvifera (Sea Grape) native to South Florida is perfect for sea sides, as it not only sturdy, but it also enjoys full sun and has a high salt tolerance.

Social Pride

Finally, but not leas important among native trees there is the appeal and how the community socially integrates them, as they inspire civic pride and contribute to environmental awareness. One of our most appealing natives, is the Guaiacum Sanctum (Florida Lignum), best known for its lovely blooms, that fade from deep to light blue as they age and tend to cover the whole tree making it a real showstopper.

Native Trees Selection

So, taking all this into consideration if you are on the look for a new tree, don’t miss our South Florida native tree list at TreeWorld Wholsale

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