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Acacia Trees – Legume Family (Fabaceae)

The acacia trees represent a very large group of trees and shrubs, within the huge Legume family (Fabaceae). There are about 1,300 species of Acacia,  and more than three-fourths of them are native to Australia; where they are appropriately called thorn trees. In fact, the generic name of Acacia comes from a Greek word for thorns; some people may know them by the name of wattle trees

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Acacia Species

The remaining Acacia species are spread around the world in warm regions of all inhabited continents. In 2005, a botanic study of the genus set aside the species into 5 separate genera. Most of Australian species remain as Acacia; whereas many of the African and American, popular for its ornamental value now belong to the new genus Vachellia. Nonetheless, despite these scientific name changes, general reference to this group of plants as acacias will not change.

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Acacia Trees: Benefits and Uses

Furthermore, and in a more broader sense Acacia trees have plenty of uses. As they provide human food in the form of seeds and shoots; they produce gums for a wide range of food products. Also folk medicines comes from the gum, roots and wood; tannins; flower oil for perfume. Finally wood is good for tools, utensils, construction, pulpwood for paper making and fuel.

Additionally, because the trees fix atmospheric nitrogen, they improve soil conditions for subsistence crop growth. Especially in Africa, and in hot dry areas providing shade for humans and livestock. Also, a  few Acacia species are very popular as ornamentals, thanks to their open crowns of delicate bipinnate leaves which cast light shade; and have attractive yellowish to cream-color, puff-like flowers. And the sharp thorns on some species deter trespassing and prevent break-ins if grown beneath windows.

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The acacias have multiple landscape applications because of their small to medium size, hardiness and they can be easily pruned. TreeWorld has available 6 acacias trees, of varying sizes, to satisfy residential, commercial and public locations. Among them:

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