Ten Top Reasons Trees Are Important

Trees are an integral and vital part of human culture in a variety of ways! A summary of ten of the reasons why trees are important, keep in mind it’s not in any particular order.

We know that ten is maybe not enough, because trees do so much more for us that we can think of. Trees are important, or even more than that they are vital. Have you ever reflected on how trees contribute to our daily life? Or whats their real importance in the community?

<h2>Top 10 on trees </h2>

Myth and Ritual. Trees have a tight relationship with human and animal origin myths in certain cultures. As well as the consideration of Tree of Life, mostly because of the multiplicity of useful products they provide. Especially for subsistence-level people. In Western Civilization, the Christmas tree is a good example of ritual tree use.

Aesthetics. Trees enhance the beauty of any kind of landscape, natural or artificial. Because of their variable sizes, shapes, leaf and flower colors and fruits, there is actually a tree for every landscaping situation.