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Bismarckia Nobilis

Bismarck Palm

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Bismarckia Nobilis tree description

Bismarckia nobilis (Bismarck palm) is one of the most spectacular in the entire palm family! It is endemic to Madagascar and the only species in the genus. The palm has a stout trunk, 30 feet (9.14 m) or more in height, and 11 to 17 inches (43.18 cm) in diameter. The trunk is gray to tan, clear of leaf bases. Bismarck palm has a heavy crown of huge (up to 9 feet (2.74 m) across) beautiful blue-green fan-shaped (costapalmate) leaves.

Bismarck Palm Bismarckia Nobilis cultivation

Also, Petioles are 6 to 9 feet (2.74 m) long, waxy, split at the base, and slightly toothed. Female fruits are ovoid, brown, about 1 1/4 inches across, containing a single seed. Seeds germinate easily. The palm is dioecious, with male and female trees. Hence, the need to have one of each for fruit production. Bismarckia nobilis (Bismarck palm) thrives in sunny open sites with well-drained soils. It may grow quickly with plenty of fertilizer and water. The palm is frost-sensitive.

The Bismarck palm is the ideal specimen tree. It is best when planted in an open grassy area so its striking appearance is displayed. The species name Nobilis is well-deserved. The silver variety described here is the most common, although a green variety also exists.

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Bismarck Palm