Uses Of Amphitecna Latifolia

Amphitecna latifolia

Among some uses of Amphitecna latifolia we can mention:

Agroforestry: As isolated trees in paddocks (shelter and shade for livestock), live fences, boundary delimitation and home gardens.

Ecological: Stabilization of dunes, protection of estuarine ecosystems and recovery of coastal wastelands.

Industrial: It is said that its wood is hard and resistant to rotting, it is possible to use it in small elements such as tool handles, sports instruments, etc.

The fruits are used to make crafts and musical instruments (güiras, churucas, maracas); the pulp of the same is edible, although somewhat insipid. The seeds can be roasted, ground and with them a drink with a chocolate-like flavor is prepared. Additionally, the trees of this species have been used in arboriculture projects.

Medicinal: The plant has anodyne, antiphlogistic, astringent, diuretic properties and has been used in cases of headache, fever and dropsy.

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